Bitcoin Investment Fund

Bitcoin helps Technology grow

Without the aid of monetary calculation, bookkeeping, and the computation of profit and loss in terms of sound money, technology has to confine itself to the simplest, and therefore the least productive, methods.

You want: More real goods - less paper money

What is needed for a sound expansion of production is additional capital goods, not money or fiduciary media. The credit boom is built on the sands of banknotes and deposits. It must collapse.

Bitcoin are voluntary

The cumulative development of a medium of exchange on the free market — is the only way money can become established. ... government is powerless to create money for the economy; it can only be developed by the processes of the free market.

Bitcoin facilitate exchange

Bitcoin is nothing but a medium of exchange and it completely fulfills its function when the exchange of goods and services is carried on more easily with its help than would be possible to means of barter.

Bitcoin: a deflationary digital asset

Inflation, being a fraudulent invasion of property, could not take place on the free market. Bitcoin, being private and p2p prevents any one group from taking over the monetary production but instead limits the currency mathematically, lawfully.

Bitcoin is digital gold

The (mathematical) gold standard has one tremendous virtue: the quantity of the money supply, under the gold standard, is independent of the policies of governments and political parties. This is its advantage. It is a form of protection against spendthrift governments.

About Standard and Riche's

A new race is on. Finally there is hard money - and it is programmable. A new era of prosperity based on a technological revolution in finance and p2p economics will change the way we interact economically in a fundamental way. More freedom, less centralization. More honesty, less paper inflation. More progress, less misallocation of funds.

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